Moving over to self-hosted?

Hey guys. This is going to be quick, I think. On Pinterest, I found a post by a blogger who helps people start their blogs to one day make money off of it. The first step is making it to self-hosted, so I’m basically going to have to restart my blog – which I’m kind of sad about. Blogging is so much fun, which I use it for, just fun to be able to write and share things with you guys. I feel like there’s more of an opportunity for my blog to be seen and for more people to read if I move my blog. I’m not sure why, but I just feel like in general it may be a better choice. It sucks you have to spend money to make money, it sucks, but everyone has to do it. It’s going to be a lot of learning new things and new software to edit but I’m going to try my best. Stick around for my new blog, if it happens lol.

x Victoria

My Favorite Makeup Looks By Me:

I absolutely love doing my makeup. it’s so much fun and easy to learn. Here are some of my favorite looks that I have done/have documented with photos lol!

  • Yellow and Pink Halo Eye:

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 1.25.01 PM

Used: BH Cosmetics – Take me to Brazil Palette, NYC Bronzer, TooFaced Candlelight Highlighter, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Granite.

  • Black and White Graphic Liner:

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 1.24.08 PM

Used: Eyeliner – NYX White Liner, Revlon Black Liner, L’oreal Telescopic Mascara, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Granite.

  • Red Glossy Lid:

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 1.25.28 PM

Used: NYX red lip gloss, NYX white pencil liner, NYC Bronzer, TooFaced Candlelight Highlighter, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Granite.

  • Primary Color Eyes:

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 1.23.07 PM

Used: BH Cosmetics – Take me to Brazil Palette, NYX Blue eyeliner, MaryKay Mascara, NYC Bronzer, TooFaced Candlelight Highlighter, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Granite.

  • Purple Crease Liner:

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 1.24.33 PM

Used: NYX Purple butter lipstick (Lips and Eyeliner), Top eyeshadow: Morphe 35O + Bottom: BH Cosmetics, Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer, TooFaced Candlelight Highlighter, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Granite.

  • Halloween Spider Eyes:

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 1.23.33 PM

Used: Morphe 35O, Revlon (pen) and Wet n Wild(liquid) eyeliner, Colourpop lippie in  Leather, NYC Bronzer, TooFaced Candlelight Highlighter, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Granite.


x Victoria 

Watch New Shows:

Television. Most of the people on this planet, those with the ability to, watch tv.

I am a television junky. Growing up I’ve pretty much been glued to tv. Most of my favorite shows have ended and that’s super sad because nowadays shows just aren’t as good! This blog post is essentially me remembering my favorite shows and suggesting them to you.

On Netflix:

  1. FRIENDS – I feel like everyone has seen at least one episode of Friends before. If you never seen it all the way through – Netflix is your savior.
  2. How I Met Your Mother – Again, Netflix is your friend with this show. The end definitely was not my favorite. But everything leading up to that last episode is great. (IT’S BEING REMOVED NOV. 13)
  3. The Office –HILARIOUS. Awesome show.
  4. SKINS – Skins UK is forever on my top 5 list for television.
  5. LOVE – A Netflix original show, so far it has two seasons and it is a super funny show.
  6. Gossip Girl – Another show I feel like almost everyone has seen, and you can find on Netflix. This show never gets old.
  7. Pretty Little Liars – Great show until maybe season 6, where things began to get repetitive and boring, truthfully I never finished the last season – oops.
  8. Grey’s Anatomy – Grey’s is not only a hospital show but about friendships and relationships, which I love.
  9. The Carrie Diaries – Only made it to 2 seasons, but it totally deserved so much more.
  10. That 70’s Show –Hilarious. Thats all.
  11. Jane the Virgin –I LOVE this show. Fun fact, Gina Rodriguez is actually friends with my brother, since college at NYU. I wish to meet her one day.
  12. Stranger Things – Season two is coming so you better hurry!
  13. Degrassi – Every single season is great, funny, and enlightening. The new Degrassi on Netflix has okay acting but the plots are great.
  14. The Good Place – So far only one season is up but it was a quick and fun watch.
  15. Young & Hungry / Baby Daddy – Both shows are ABC FAMILY (freeform) original shows and they are soooo good – a must watch.


Not on Netflix: 

  1. Dance Moms – I am a reality tv junky. I live for the drama. On October 24, 2017 it had it’s final episode, I was watching since S1E1 and it was super entertaining.
  2. Jon and Kate Plus 8 / Kate Plus 8 – I literally grew up with this family. I was seven years old when it came on tv and when I began to watch, I’ve followed their lives the whole way through I loved it.
  3. The Middle – An AMAZING comedy show on ABC. As of now they are on their farewell season. I am super sad because it is the funniest show on television.
  4. The Goldbergs – Another show like The Middle (not as good but definitely one to check out)
  5. RuPauls Drag Race – My friend and I live for Drag Race and Drag Queens. It is a great reality/comedy/competition show! (I actually MET three Drag Queens from the show in 2016!)


What are your favorite shows? Do you prefer reality tv or fiction? Do you only use Netflix/Hulu? Let me know! 


x Victoria 

College – Is it for everyone?

Welcome back!

So, college, is it for everyone? In my opinion, it really isn’t. Ever since I was little I never had the desire for a job most kids want, like a doctor, vet, or teacher. I’ve always loved art and photography. I always wanted to start my own business and do my own thing. I want my own photography business. I want to work in tv. I want a flexible family friendly job. Why are my dreams so hard? Why is art so hard to get into? Why does the world revolve on how much money you make? 

College is hard. I don’t care what anyone says, it is hard. The classes are hard, finding your way around is hard, making friends is hard, and deciding what to do in your future is hard. There is no way around it. When I first applied to college I was a Early Childhood Education major, then an art major, and now a communications media and film major. I hope I don’t need to change again but I think it is my perfect combination of photography and tv. I never wanted to go to college, I still don’t want to be here and it shows in my attitude, my lack of friends, and my average grades. I’m here because I’m afraid. I’m afraid of not making it out in the world, it’s hard! So for now, I’m here, at school being kind of miserable most days. If I could drop out right now and do exactly what I want, I truly would. 

If you feel like you don’t belong in college, or don’t belong right now, then don’t go. You save money and have more time to think. Don’t get me wrong, getting your degree is important and useful so good for you if you decide to get one. I’m not saying there is anything wrong about going to college but if you don’t feel like it’s right then it’s up to you to make the right choice for you. Also, don’t let anybody influence your decision or make you feel guilty for choosing the route you choose to take. Take a while to think about it, don’t feel pressured. I was pressured, I saw all my friends applying to places like NYU, TCNJ, NJIT, UCLA, Seton Hall, etc. I felt the need to apply to college, so I did. I applied to a school which I knew was easy for me to get into and it is cheaper and close by. It doesn’t really feel like college here which is weird and maybe why it doesn’t feel right to me. I wish there was an easy way to jumpstart my dreams and make things happen easier, but there just is no easy way to anything. 

Are you in college? Are you taking a break? What are your thoughts on college? 

x Victoria 

New Youtube – My Thoughts:

I am definitely not known on Youtube at all. I don’t even have an easy link to lead you to my channel. I do know I love, or used to love Youtube. By used to love I mean the way it used to be a fun outlet for creators, the way people could upload webcam videos and get love, and the way people just had fun and didn’t feel forced to as a hard job.

I truly love editing videos. I think the filming and editing process is so fun and creative, it gets my brain flowing in all different directions. I love to film vlogs and beauty videos.   Yeah, it’d definitely not simple, just like anything else that is creative and takes time. I am not 100% comfortable in front of the camera yet, but it’s fun to think of ideas, record yourself, edit, then upload them for people to see. No one really watches my videos, but it’s not a big deal. I know it takes time.

Now, old youtube was so much fun. The first Youtubers I’ve ever watched were the basics, Juicystar07, Shane Dawson, Jenna Marbles, and Kingsley. Watching them was fun and I learned basically everything from Juicystar07. Nowadays, yeah youtube is great, content has gotten better, quality is more extreme, and it is more competitive. It is a job for most people, it’s no longer just for fun no matter what they say. Youtubers come on every other month and apologize again and again for not uploading. They say they were busy, they weren’t feeling it, they were sick. The truth is, they have the fame and money they need so they no longer need to upload every other day or even every week. You can tell the youtubers that are actually having fun vs the ones that use it for their income and not for anything else. In my opinion, from who I watch personally, Jenna Marbles, Shane Dawson, JennxPenn, are ones that truly are having fun and don’t only upload for their income. Then you have people, who do it every time their rent is due, or they need groceries, or they want new clothing. I won’t name people because that’s kind of rude, but if you watch Youtube you would know who they are. It’s actually quite sad if you think about it.

The beauty community is honestly, a nightmare. A lot of them are rude, narcissistic, money-hungry, and always trying to start a fight. There are good people out there doing it for the makeup, fashion, and to make people happy. For example, Kathleenlights, Tara Michelle, MissRemiAshten, or Shani Grimmond, just to name a few. It’s sad that people realize they get money out of this and do anything they can to get the fame and cash. You can see right through those people, it’s truly really sad. If you’re done, then delete your channels instead of letting your subscribers sit around for a month wondering where your videos are! Let it go, if you don’t care, it’s over and thats it.

What are your thoughts on what youtube has become? Do you see through these people too? Who are your favorite youtubers? 

x Victoria

Friday Favorites #1:

Hey guys! I want to try doing favorites posts, this way you can find new things and also get to know me more. None of it is in order by favorite or any specific category! Check back on Fridays for more of these! 

1: My New (Cartilage) Piercing. I can’t wait to get more! 


2: Morphe 35O Palette.


3: Mario Badescu Rose Water Facial Spray. 


4: Watercolor Paints.


5: Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino 


6: Pumpkin Carving! I have never done it before but this year my boyfriend and I did it together. 



What are your favorites? Have you ever carved a pumpkin before? Let me know! 

x Victoria 


My October Playlist:

Hey guys, how are you! Today is music talk.

Now, generally I listen to the same music I listened to in about 2013….”Emo” music. That’s definitely not all I listen to though. Some of these are newer songs and some of these are pretty damn old. I’m going to try my best to not name a band/artist more than once! Here’s a list of some songs I’ve been playing often, according to Spotify.

10 “Emo” Songs/Artists:

  1. Motion Sickness – Neck Deep
  2. Drown – Microwave
  3. Gum – Moose Blood
  4. Floral & Fading – Pierce The Veil
  5. Dirty Laundry – All Time Low
  6. Goodnight Moon – Go Radio
  7. See ya, Sucker – Modern Baseball
  8. Like Slow Disappearing – Turnover
  9. Two Years – Have Mercy
  10. Fake I.D –  Joyce Manor

10 Throwback Songs:

  1. Breakaway – Kelly Clarkson
  2. Complicated – Avril Lavigne
  3. Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s
  4. Ready or Not – Bridget Mendler
  5. Love Song – Sara Bareilles
  6. Whatcha Say – Jason Derulo
  7. Never Say Never – Justin Bieber
  8. S.O.S – Jonas Brothers
  9. We R Who We R – Ke$ha
  10. Nobody’s Perfect – Hannah Montana

5 New (to me) Songs: 

  1. DNA – BTS
  2. Rolex – Ayo & Teo
  3. Backseat Freestyle – Kendrick Lamar
  4. Rose-Colored Boy – Paramore
  5. Blood Sweat & Tears – BTS


What are your favorite songs or artists? LET ME KNOW! 

x Victoria

My Makeup Wishlist 1:

What’s up guys! Welcome back to the blog. 

I am a huge makeup lover, I definitely don’t have the funds to support my love for makeup though. I hold onto my products for as long as I can. I love watching youtube beauty vloggers. They make me want to buy every product out there! Here are a few things that are currently sitting in my makeup and beauty wishlist.

  • Jaclyn Hill + Morphe:


  • KL Polish


  • Tarte Shape Tape


  • Morphe 35O2

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 7.18.13 PM

  • Morphe Brushes

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 7.19.25 PM

  • Sleek Makeup Highlighter

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 7.21.27 PM

  • Sephora Pro Warm Palette



Let’s Chat! 

Are you a makeup lover? What’s your favorite products / what’s something new you want? 

x Victoria